01-Acts Ch.01

08-Acts Ch. 02-G

15-Acts Ch.08-The Eunuch

Problem Resolved

Paul’s Defense

02-Acts Ch. 02-A

09-Acts Ch. 02-H

16-Acts Ch.09-Beloved Enemy

23-Acts-Ch.16 Second Journey

30-Acts-23 In Chains

03-Acts Ch.-02-B

10-Acts Ch. 03 - Lame Beggars

17-Acts-Ch. 10-The Centurion

24-Acts-Ch 17 Second Journey Continued


04-Acts Ch. 02-C

11-Acts Ch.04-
No Fear

18-Acts-Ch.10-The Centurion #2

25-Acts-Ch.18 A Great Ministry In A Great City


05-Acts Ch. 02_D

12-Acts Ch.05-
Warts & All

Unseen Forces

26-Acts-Ch.19 Paul In Ephesus


06-Acts Ch. 02-E

13-Acts 6-7-Stephen

20-Acts-Ch.13-Radical Words

27-Acts-Ch.20 After the Uproar


07-Acts Ch. 02-F

Signs & Wonders

21-Acts-Ch.14-Down But Not Out

Ready To Die